Alice Rout b.1994



I bought my first plant in 2014 in a bid to improve my work ethic.

As I stare at it now, two years later, I think ‘yes, maybe I could do something with my life’


I bought this plant in 2014.

In 2016 it’s much bigger and I’m still waiting on that work ethic.


I bought this plant two years ago

When I was 20

I’m 21 now, nearly 22


It really does mean a lot to me


I bought two other plants late 2015

One is a fern and the other has red leaves and I can’t remember the name

Someone else has the same one

I wonder if theirs has grown


The fern looks thirsty but apparently it doesn’t need much water so…


I care about my first plant way more than these new ones


I just took a break from writing about my plants


Is this work?


2017 and the fern died a long time ago

My first plant is thriving and I’m much happier


Still waiting on the work ethic



Fine Art BA Hons, Newcastle University


Semester abroad at Akademie der Bildenden Künste München


Group Exhibitions


ArtHouses, Whitley Bay


Life 2.0, isthisit? X The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale, online exhibition

Reality Check, The NewBridge Project: Gateshead, Gateshead

ULTRA SUNRISE, SET Studios, London

Moving On Up, Moving On Out, The NewBridge Project, Newcastle


NCL Fine Art Degree Show, Copeland Gallery, London

NCL Fine Art Degree Show, Newcastle

Interfuse #2, Hoults Yard, Newcastle


Interim, Life Room, Newcastle Fine Art Department, Newcastle

S/MONS/DE, Heaton, Newcastle

Fünf Wochen Unendlicher Spass, Pathos München, Munich


Occasion5, Broadacre House, Newcastle


CorporART, Bamburgh House, Newcastle

4'33 Silent Film Festival, Newcastle




Feng Shui, featured in Venn, An anthology on gender and sexuality, published by UnstapledPress